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let me tell you
i was sitting on the train
just the other day, and this girl, yo, her face
was impressive but suggested
that she didn't know her way
i started to investigate
but caught up with her late
the moral of the story is
the honey got away
just for a moment in delay, what a shame
can't pause or hesitate, what a game
but this dame that i saw had me saying,
"Can we talk for a minute in exchange
for your digits and your name?"
she looking at me strange
so I took another aim:
"You're the cutest thing that I've seen all day,
pretty babe, by the way, could you wait?
'Cause you caught my attention in a way
that suggested that I may penetrate
.. your .. defenses
I am what I am, that's a man with a plan
but I'm saying, that for you, that'll wait."
because ..

I never wanted something so bad
and I'm glad for the things that I have
but damn, I never wanted something so bad

as i scribble in my notepad
thinking of the things that I really want bad
thinking of the things that I'm never gonna have
and I draw a blank, 'cause I'm getting all that
man, I'm getting more stacks
and I don't sleep, no, never Snorlax
maybe go chill in Ecuador next
and never no stress, cuz I'm getting more sens
and getting more sex, and getting more checks
that's how I wanna live, man, getting more rest
chilling with a gorgeous and a mortgage
as I steady progress 'cause I'm getting more blessed

I never wanted something so bad
and I'm glad for the things that I have
but damn, I never wanted something so bad

now who was saying homie don't rap?
you could talk shit, you don't know me though, black
if you met him, you would know he hold back
but never anymore is he ever gonna slack
just a penny more is a penny more saved
and I'm getting more paid in many more ways
I'm a Renaissance cat
the era of the black father figure and the thing is
i'm a modern day nigga
i stay shining, got a great vision
and i'm always smiling, got a great dentist
got plenty knowledge and I gotta stay winning
so if i were you, I'd put a lot of faith in him
thanks to his mom, got a lot of strength in him
i want it so bad, man, i just gotta get it


from undone heroes (deluxe), track released January 11, 2011
Produced by Troubadour. Mastered by Daniel Lynas for Ishlab.



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